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// Time and Place//

There is a time and place for everything and I think it goes without saying PDA is not for the class room.  Especially when the class is so dry to the point where the prof reads the readings to us out loud…as if most of the class even does them.  There is no where else to look so we are all forced to awkwardly stare or avert our eyes from the PDA taking place off to the left.  It doesn’t help the situation when the couple sits alone in a row almost like it’s a stage and we all have to watch in horror.  I feel like yelling “Get a room!”, but I probably wouldn’t be heard over the stumbling professor… Man I really hate friday classes… there’s a reason people don’t come to class on these days.

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why i love him

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The Hill | Por Pathompat

Mù Cang Chải District, Vietnam


Mù Cang Chải District, Vietnam

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Am I the only one who thought Pharrell looked like a gangsta Mountie at the Grammys?

// Name Pending Book Club//

The Name Pending Book Club has just finished yet another book.

This was an exceptional story and very well written.  A Dog named Enzo expresses his support all throughout his owners struggles.  I won’t give too much away, but I will say this book is anything but sunshine and smiles!  After every chapter I found myself hugging my own dog haha.

The Art of Racing in the Rain means the ability to attempt to control an situation that is completely out of ones hands.  It takes more skill and less technique than one would expect, and the trick is to release all control and react to the unexpected.  Don’t attempt to predict anything that will happen, but make smart choices when it does.

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When it gets cold outside Kobe knows what to do!!

When it gets cold outside Kobe knows what to do!!

The true meaning of friendship

The true meaning of friendship

// Fake it Till you Make it//

Pouting is in no way shape or form cute.  Pouting is for people who can’t control their emotions.  I’m sorry to be the bear of bad news but sometimes it’s painstakingly obvious when one pouts that they are upset.  This just puts me in an awkward position where I suddenly feel obligated to console them.  Hey, sure i’ll do that once or twice, but every time I see you?….. that’s asking for way too much.

Like I mentioned before I’m no A student in the friendship category, but my biggest pet peeve is when someones emotions are so LOUD that they completely take over any situation.  Sometimes it’s healthy for friends to hide emotions in front of others, learn to put them aside.  If you are always showing your emotions you push people away.

Sorry this is fully a rant, but I hope people see this as a PSA. In no way shape or form am I perfect myself.  I have been accused of pouting once or twice, but I am not about to let that ruin a night out or nice dinner with my friends.  There is a time for sharing and a time for shutting up, and no one wants to be told to shut up every time they open their mouth

- Kobe

// The Worst Kind of Friend//

This popped up on my facebook feed and I knew I just had to write about it.  With a new year comes many new decisions.  Eating healthy, going to the gym, keeping on time with my readings, and purging friendships.  This post is 100% representative of my feelings towards friendships while at the same time exposes why I myself am such a bad friend.

I am probably the most passive type of friend one can ever have.  I role with the relationship and weekends I usually have “me” time, so please do not bother me.  I don’t keep in contact as often and I rarely check in to see how you are doing unless we happen to meet in person.  I’ll forget your birthday and I don’t care to talk to you unless I need to.  I am a bad friend.  That being said, I am reliable, accountable a good listener and helpful, that is when I am around or if you need me.

For the type of person that requires an active form of friendship 24/7 I really can’t help you out.  My favourite types of friendships are ones that you can pick up where you have left off, or if you just want to hangout once every so often that’s cool too, but don’t expect too much of me cause as I said, I like my “me” time.

Recently I have noticed a lot of toxic people in my life.  A wise person once told me that you are influenced and you become the people you surround yourself with.  With the new year it’s time to start being picky with friends.  This may sound harsh, but it’s for your own good.  Get rid of the complainers and the people who only talk to you about themselves.  Start surrounding yourself with people who are smart and have their goals organized.  This will do you good and allow you to avoid unnecessary drama.  And finally STOP MAKING OTHER PEOPLES PROBLEMS INTO YOUR OWN PROBLEMS :)  This will come once you purge yourself of those bad friends.

- B

The cuteness just can’t be contained

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My new obsession with this company begins now! Sharing the wealth with you all :)

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